Froth Washing System

The CleanProTech Froth Washing System incorporates uniquely designed trays to provide an evenly distibuted flow of wash water to your flotation cell froth layer.

Froth washing has many benefits including;

Removal of slimes and clays - This can reduce product ash and also aid dewatering.
Removal of entrained material - This can reduce product ash by removing product contaminants.
Increased froth mobility - The addition of wash water can often aid in froth mobility.

The unique design of the CPT wash water trays uses specific hole sizes and patterns tailored
individually for the requirements of each plant and each flotation cell.
This allows the correct amount of washing water to be distributed in the correct locations
across the entire flotation cell product layer.

The design of the tray also allows for easy cleaning.

This is important as if they are not easy to clean, IT WON'T BE DONE!

The hole size also is selected to reduce the probability of blocking due to contaminants in
the process water. This is a major cause of concern for wash water system with small hole sizes.

The trays are constructed from a single sheet of heavy gauge stainless steel which provides
strength and a long operating life in a perparation plant environment.