Online Slurry Particle Density Meter(OSPDM)


The CleanProTech Online Slurry Particle Density Meter (OSPDM) provides the user a real time value of average particle density, which can be used to give an indication of the amount of saleable coal being lost in tailings. This greatly aids in optimisation of the flotation circuit as changes are monitored ‘online’.

No more waiting for laboratory analysis results!

Currently, the OSPDM is installed on flotation tailings but can be used to monitor other flotation streams. The OSPDM also has the ability to be adapted to monitor fine coal circuits such as TBS, Reflux Classifier and spirals.

If multiple OSPDMs are installed around a unit operation, you then have the ability to monitor performance online, including yield and cutpoint.

By monitoring important slurry parameters including solids concentration and slurry density, the OSPDM is able to calculate the average density of the particles flowing through the unit using a patented equation.
This average particle density value can then be used to estimate the amount of saleable coal present in the stream.

OSPDM Laboratory Evaluation

CleanProTech now offer a laboratory service which evaluates the operation of our OSPDM on streams from your plant.

Click here to download the information PDF.
Click here to download a sample report generated from this trial.