RFPD - Residual Frother Gauge

The 'Residual Frothing Propensity Detector' or commonly known as RFPD detects the amount of residual frother contained within a clarified water circuit within a coal processing plant. Frother is a requirement for a flotaiton circuit to operate effectively.

Excess residual frother causes issues within the plant, ultimately leading to the plant shutting down due to 'frothing out'. As the clarified water is used throughout the plant for addition water it can cause frothing issues not just in your flotation circuit. This build up of froth can cause pumps to cease functioning due to the entrained air caused by this residual frother. This is especially important in dense medium circuits, which are very prone to frother issues and therefore the dense medium feed pumps start to lose efficiency or stop pumping completely.

The main outcome of this is that frother dosage is kept low so this problem does not occur. This however leads to greatly reduced flotation performance.

CleanProTech's RFPD can monitor the amount of residual frother present in the clarified water circuit, which allows you to operate closer to the optimum frother level, without causing frothing out issues.