Particle Size Analysis

As well as providing the standard suite of particle size analsysi, CleanProTech have developed a new laboratory method for analysing the particle size distribution of ultrafine particles. This includes coal, reject, magnetite and other minerals.

In current laboratory particle size analysis, the finest sieve size used is 38 microns. Under this size, cyclosizers and laser sizers are often usedto provide information on particle size distribution.It must be noted that major issues can arise when using these methodsto analyse for particle size distribution, giving large errors.

Along with these concerns, other sizing methods do not allow you toobtain a physical sample for each set size fraction for further analysis.This is useful to perform assays on the material such as ash, particle density, trace element testing and many others.

Due to this, CleanProTech decided to extend the current working range for sieve analysis. It seems that the only reason for using these other methodsis that ‘standard’ laboratory sieve sizing techniques currently only go down to 38 microns.

CleanProTech has successfully been performing 20 micron sieve anlysis for many years at our laboratory and have recently added a 10 micron sieve analysis to our range of regular sizing services.
We also have the option to perform sieve size analysis at 5, 3 and 2 microns.

Benefits include:
- Ability to obtain a physical sample at each size fraction.
- Larger sample mass can be used, giving sufficient mass for further analysis.
- As it is a physical sizing method, differences in particle density and material properties have no effect on the procedure, unlike commonly used centrifugal classifying and laser sizing methods.

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